About Us

HRN Radio brings together the largest resource of positive natural health, self care, lifestyle, and spirituality uncensored and ad free podcasts to help you have a happy, healthy life.


Most media outlets provide fear-based, sensationalistic programs that constantly assault us with negativity, both consciously and subconsciously, which keeps us in fear. Plus search engine and social media are censoring and eliminating natural health information. We do not want people to have limited access to information that helps them make conscious decisions in their lives. We have over 18 years of producing thousands of timeless programs by experts in their fields. Information that is still relevant today.

Our programs are designed to give you facts in a peaceful way without sensationalism, providing controversy only with possible answers and thus eliminating the fear factor from our media. We are a resource for ‘health freedom of choice’ by providing the natural medicine information that is slowly slipping away through censorship and elimination.

Who We Are

HRNradio.com is the subscription podcast companion network of HealthyLife.net Radio. Established in 2002, it is one of the World’s oldest 24/7 Live Internet ‘All Positive Talk’ radio networks and reaches 1.2 million listeners a month in 135 countries on over 65 syndicated and simulcast distribution partners. HealthyLife.net has produced over 10,000 shows since 2002.

Our listeners always come first because they are the reason we exist. Everyone can use a little positive energy in their lives and we believe positive programs can help point the way to a healthy, happy life and a better planet.

What We Do

HealthyLife.net broadcasts 168 programs a week that are always original, fresh and new and has a FREE three month limited access to these on-demand/download programs. After the FREE 3 month access on www.HealthyLife.net we then reproduce our timeless programs to make them ad free podcasts and available on HRNRadio.com.

To help kick start you towards a happy, healthy life HRNRadio.com has started you out with 5 years of on-demand shows (over 2,000+)  with some of our most popular and experienced radio, film, TV and national expert hosts. We will be adding about 90 new shows a month – plus more hosts and more shows.

Become a yearly subscriber and you’ll have access to exclusive content and special discounts available in the “VAULT” of each host.

Stay informed. Have fun. Create a more happy and healthy life with HRNRadio.com… and keep your Health Freedom of Choice Alive!