I can’t get sound on the my PC or Mac. What do I do?
There are several reasons that could make this occur.
1) It could be as simple as clearing your browsing history or clearing your cache

2) Or allowing data through your firewall.
3) It could a software problem like a setting in Internet Options (make sure that your security options are set to medium.)
4) It could be you have Norton Internet Security, a separate software package with its own separate icon, which sometimes gets bundled with Norton Anti-Virus. This can prevent you from receiving the audio files. (Disable the Norton Internet Security package ONLY…NOT YOUR Norton Anti-Virus.)
5) Is your billing up to date

The volume is too low. What can I do?

Sound differ from PC to PC and from Device to Device. We unfortunately do not have control of the quality of your speakers or your sound card.

When using my PC or Mac why are there stops, buffering, gaps or poor quality when I am listening?

This is usually caused by your Internet Provider (e.g., Spectrum, Veizon, etc.). It is because of stress, strain or the availability of the bandwidth they have allocated for Internet/WiFi connectivity. It can also be caused by congested lines which are being accessed by more users than your Internet Provider can handle or it could be that you are running too many applications on your computer at the same time that you are trying to listen to a podcast. If you are on a LAN network the number of users and/or PCs could be the cause. In most cases this condition is almost always temporary, just try again.

I can’t see the new programs on my Mac or PC. What do I do?

This is usually because you need to hit your refresh button. We periodically are adding, changing and deleting archived shows. To make sure you are on a CURRENT archive page, hit your refresh button, this usually solves the problem.

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