Can Broccoli heal your body? Rebel Dr. Roberto Tostado doesn’t believe health begins in a doctor’s office. He believes it starts with you. On his podcasts you’ll discover the truth about modern medicine, as he gives you tools and expert advice to help get you on your path to wellness and healthy aging. Without relying on harmful medications but realizing how to make real, positive changes to your lifestyle. His podcasts takes a deep dive into the problems he encountered working in traditional care and healthful alternatives.

Roberto Tostado, MD has been a physician for over 26 years; Board Certified in Regenerative and Anti-Aging medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy of Restorative Medicine, and a Fellow of Nutritional and Digestive Medicine; he hold degrees from Columbia University, University of Michigan Medical School and did his residency at USC CA Medical Center. In 2004, he left a promising career at Kaiser Permanente in order to pursue more nutritional approach to maintaining good health and became Founder of the Ibody Wellness Center and an author.